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This deodorant is one of a kind. I've worked hard on this recipe to ensure it does its job. I start with organic unrefined coconut oil and melt it down with, organic beeswax and organic shea butter. I add baking soda, and organic arrow root starch, then finish it off with organic lemon juice, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Patchouli essential oils. Although this product is aluminum free (yay!) you will still sweat. After repeated use of this deodorant you will notice you don't sweat as much. After all aren't our bodies designed to sweat to rid itself of toxins??


SKU: 98654243
  • This product is not designd to stop you from sweating. It keeps you smelling fresh while you are sweating. Your pits will go through a detox phase after years of using aluminum tainted deodorant. After you detox you will notice a decrease in perspiration. If you still have issues with smelling the Charcoal Detox Bar pairs great to get a head start on the stink. You may also have to apply a couple times a day on days you are extremely active.

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